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    ТОВ КМ-букс R.L.Stevenson "Treasure Island"

ТОВ КМ-букс R.L.Stevenson "Treasure Island"

Видавництво: ТОВ КМ-букс

People have always been interested in mysterious treasures, secretly hidden innumerable riches and in it's searching, which always accompanied by a lot of adventures.

The novel "Treasure Island" is a real treasure itself: the sea, the pirates, an uninhabited island, danger, romance, exciting adventures and, of course, wonderful heroes. So, the paths lead to the island of treasures, where Captain Flint reliably hid treasures.

89.99 грн.


Автор ТОВ КМ-букс
Язык Англиский
Количество страниц 238
Обложка Мягкая
Бумага Офестая
Автор Роберт Льюис Стивенсон
Видавництво: КМ-Букс
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